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Our Recruiters

We see time a little differently.

We see time a little differently, and so do our recruiters. Each of them is dedicated to providing the candidate you're looking for in the shortest amount of time. We pride ourselves on being the fastest possible channel you can use to find the candidate that best fills your needs.

Each of our recruiters has devoted a great deal of their own time, energy and professional talents to being at top of their game. We are proud of our team and the results they bring time and time again to our clients.

Jay B. Adams, CPC
President & Owner

Roxi Adams, CPC
Exec. VP & Director of Marketing & Owner

Susan Larsen, CPC
Partner/Team Leader

Ann Leise
Partner/Team Leader

Stuart Kazor
Executive Search Consultant

Christina Albert
Senior Project Director

Zach Isherwood
Project Director

Cindy Fibich
Project Manager

Jason Lozier
Project Manager

David Nieves
Project Director

Tom Rust
Project Manager

Matthew Buckley
Project Director

Bobbi Ellison
Partner / Manager of Administrative Services

Renee Mittermeier
Executive Assistant

Heather Combs
Executive Assistant